GitHub page is set

And it's here: monstergdc. Two repositories so far: Turbo Wieszcz ++ in Python (!), and some of my old but cool Delphi components (more is to come).



Another "historical" day: 2017.10.10. Today I created my account on GitHub. As I have warned someone, I'm going to open source some stuff. Soon, I hope. Probably Turbo Wieszcz is going to be the first. Also on the sidenote I'm becoming quite fond of Lazarus. It's cool when one wants to go crossplatform. I've used it before to compile code for ARM/Android. But now it is even easier and works well also on Rapsberry Pi for example. That means there will be Turbo Wieszcz for Linux/Raspberry PI soon. :) Currently managed to migrate T.W. to Lazarus: it compiles and it works. But has some issues yet.