Some announcements

1. Button Generator - soon there will be dutch and french translations available.
2. STAT4U - just started rewritting everything from scratch - so there will be v3.0.
3. Probably there will be OCOP v4.0 some time soon (beginning of the next year, I think).
4. I'll be taking some time to work on several new Android apps.
5. I'm quite dissapointed that almost 1 year of work on my Q4U E-learning System didn't turn to be instantly fruitful, but I'm not giving up just yet.

Things don't just disappear

if ("things don't just disappear" statement is true) then there's no such thing as /dev/null ;


New challenges

This post will not be modest.

After I learned quite fast and from scratch some basics of Java and Android API and created two apps to test my new skills I found myself in situation where I suddenly have to change job. After 4.5 years, mind you.
I got new job in one day, but this time the project required knowledge of C++ and MS Visual Studio 2008.

Good thing I have Stroustrup's "The C++ Programming Language" book! But so far I couldn't bring myself to really read it. It took one weekend of reading and bang! "I know kung fu. / Show me." as it was in The Matrix. Or quoting from Star Trek Voyager's EMH when he first got his mobile emitter "It's just another environment to me".

Friend of mine told me, that these two are one of the best paying languages to know. I avoided them for years. Not any more. Hello World! Here I come!