Cool stuff is just around the corner

Recently I came across something cool, something I always wanted to find. It is Pascal/Delphi/Lazarus cross-platform free 2D game library: ZenGL. It is quite easy and has nice functionalities. I mean: I do recomend it. I really do!

Ever since I had my old ZX Spectrum I always wanted to write games. But back then it was difficult because of lack of proper tools (especially for creating/converting graphics, and also for debugging). Also writting in assembler is not the easiest thing (back then I didn't even know C).
Then later games became more and more complicated (to create). All this fancy 3D, DirectX, OpenGL, AI-s... textures, human voices, phisics... And this support for multiple weird and expensive hardware... One needed a team of actors, another of graphics designers and another of 3D engine coders to write a game. Almost harder that making a movie!
Then I had to do my work, things my boss requires from me like another boring stupid database, another nasty importer of weird-formatted invoices into some crazy business software.

But now I see it differently, there seems to be a light in the tunnel. There are also so called 'casual games', games for kids, educational games. And what's new - all those just-computerized people in their 60-s and 70-s, who never had a chance to play games before and are now crazy about them and exchange tips how to better play a given game... Also the multitude of available platforms: Windows/MacOSX/Andorid/iPhone/iPad/Linux... it's almost overwhelming! :) And all those game-hungry gamers out there!

But going back to ZenGL: It is crossplatform, which is really cool. I have already succesfully compiled stuff both for Windows and for Android. Unfortunatelly a friend of mine failed to create Lazarus environment for MacOSX / iPhone, but I hope it's only a temporary setback.

I'm ending with an anouncement: I'm going to write games! Lots of them. And I do hope they will be cool.

I'm currently working on 3 game titles (simple, just for starters, to learn more and to do some reconnaissance). I have literally a hundred ideas for nice and cool games.
I hope to write more later on my progress and experiences.