Recovered my collection of old computer magazines!

Old PC-s...


First steps in LUA

Another incarnation of Turbo Wieszcz ++ is born: TurboWieszcz in LUA @Github. This time in LUA! (My first attempt @ learning this language). This is actually the first step in preparation for Playdate version.


ZX Spectrum still alive!

Sad news, Sir Clive Sinclair had passed away earlier this year. But the great ZX Spectrum he created is *still* alive! From time to time I come back to it. I'm currently working (as time allows) on some new demos that I hope to present at Speccy.pl party in 2022. Pictures below are from Pixel Heaven 2021.


Another checkpoint

So busy, so busy... No matter nobody reads this... Well... another (micro/semi) milestone (was hard to get around this hardware). Just compiled my first Lazarus test app on Mac OSX :) I always wanted to try OSX, but had problem to get my hands on one. Turns out my company has it and no one ever told me, and I didn't ask. Here it is as an immortal proof:


Something new in 8-bits

I want to mark this date. Just created, compiled and run my very first 6502 asm code on 8-bit Atari and Apple II (on emulators that is). Now I only need to repeat the same for Acorn Electron. And then... I'm going to rewrite my old Turbo Wieszcz++ for C-64 (from 1993) with new data and code and (re)release it for: C64, Atari, Acorn and Apple II at the same time :)


New 'achievement unlocked'

Just compiled and run the very first ever code (not mine really, only sligthly modyfied) for 6502/6507 CPU on Atari 2600 console emulator. Pretty awesome oldschool...